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Icy White XM Surface Texture - U11027

Extreme Matt (XM) finish Work Top.

Cubix Profile

Length Thickness Width Post Formed
4100mm 40mm 600mm Single
4100mm 40mm 665mm Double
4100mm 40mm 900mm Double

2050mm                 40mm                          600mm              Single
2050mm                 40mm                          670mm              Double
2050mm                 40mm                          900mm              Double

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Icy White Cubix Profile - U11027

  • Product Code: U11027
  • Availability: In Stock

Available Options

Qty Image Textured Worktops Price
4100mm x 600mm x 40mm
4100mm x 670mm x 40mm
4100mm x 900mm x 40mm
2050mm x 600mm x 40mm
2050mm x 670mm x 40mm
2050mm x 900mm x 40mm
Qty Image Backpanel Price
MDF Textured 2050mm x 1300mm x 9.2mm
MDF Textured 4100mm x 640mm x 9.2mm
Qty Image Upstand Price
4100mm x 120mm 19mm
Qty Image Edging Strip Price
4100mm x 45mm


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