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Laminate Worktops - Advantages & How To Install


Worktops are available in a variety of materials and styles, solid surface, granite, solid wood, quartz and even glass.  However if you want the best selection of colours and effects at the most affordable prices then laminate is the choice to make.  Laminate worktops are available in plain colours, wood grain effects, granite effects and other modern and traditional patterns.

Laminate worktops are hard wearing, non porous safe surfaces for food preparation and are available in up to date patterns that will suit all tastes and look fantastic.

Laminate worktops also lend themselves to several edging options that are not always available for more expensive materials.  All the main manufacturers of laminate worktops offer a single post formed front edge to the standard size (usually 600mm wide) and double post formed edges to wider breakfast bars.  The post formed edge is both practical, tactile and looks good, these edges can easily be removed and a range of alternatives applied, such as wood, square laminate, other material such as solid surface, all of which will give another attractive dimension to your worktop.


  • Laminate worktops can be cut with hand saws and power saws, although for fine finishing a router is recommended.
  • When cutting joints use a jig and a router to get an accurate finish.  Most jigs also have a position for cutting the slots for the bolts.
  • Joints must be sealed with either adhesive or sealant to produce a water tight fit.  Do not cut joints too close to sink areas to avoid the possibility of water ingress.
  • All cut outs for sinks and appliances should have a minimum of a 10mm radius in all corners to prevent stress cracking.
  • It is advisable to use aluminium tape on the edges of hob cut outs to avoid heat damage.
  • It is important to make sure all cut surfaces are sealed against moisture.
  • Most laminate tops come with edge strips that can be cut and glued into place before trimming.

Tips for taking care of your laminate worktops.

Laminate worktops are extremely durable and easy to maintain but the following guidelines will help to keep you worktops in good condition for many years.

  • Do not cut or chop directly onto the worktop – always use a chopping board
  • Do not place hot pans or ovenware directly onto the laminate surface – use a trivet or protective pad.
  • Only use normal soft cleaning cloths and sponges for general cleaning.  Washing up liquid can be used to remove grease etc.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners and pads as they may have a detrimental effect on the work surface.