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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questiuons in respect of both Laminate and Solid Wood Worktops. In the event that you have a question that is not answered below then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01903 282930 where we will be pleased to give you all the necessary help that you require.

Question:  What are the advantages and disadvantages of both Laminate and Solid Wood Worktops? 

Answer - Laminate - Advantages of laminate are relative low price, hard wearing, many colours and effects available. Disadvantages are chipboard core which are subject to water ingress if badly installed. Solid Wood - Advantges are no chipboard core to suffer water ingress problems, scratches and surface marks can be sanded out. Disadvantages are tops can split if not installed correctly.

Question:  What is the core of a Laminate Worktop made of?

Answer – Chipboard.

Question:  How thick is the actual Laminate on a Worktop?

Answer - Laminate thickness varies depending on the manufacturer but is about 0.7mm.

Question:  What is the difference between a Quadra profile and a Classic profile in respect of the Duropal range?

Answer - The Duropal classic profile has a 6mm radius on the postformed edge and the Quadra profile has a 3mm radius.

Question:  Can I Order a non stock bespoke size of worktop – both Laminate and Solid Wood and if so what would be the estimated lead time?

Answer - Only the sizes listed on the website are available to order.

Question:  How long should both Laminate and Solid Wood Worktops last?

Answer - Both will last for many, many years and would probably only be replaced when a new kitchen is fitted.

Question:  If I buy a Solid Wood Worktop do I need to seal it, if so with what?

Answer - Yes, you must seal initially on all surfaces and edges with at least 3 coats of finishing oil. We recommend Liberon finishing oil. Top up coats should be applied , 2 in the first year and then as required afterwards

Question:  Can I place hot pans directly onto both Laminate and Solid Wood Worktops?

Answer - Do not place hot pans directly onto your work surface – you may damage it. Always use a board or trivet.

Question:  Are Laminate Worktops easy to cut and rout?

Answer - Yes laminate worktops can be cut easily with a saw and cutouts for hobs and sinks can be cut out with a jig saw. Corners must be rounded to avoid stress cracking of the laminate surface.

Question:  What type of saw blade should I use to cut both Laminate and Solid Wood worktops with?

Answer - Fine saw blades are best to avoid chipping out of the laminate

Question:  How heavy are both Laminate and Solid Wood Worktops – Do they need 2 men to lift and fit?

Answer - Worktops are heavy, a 4100 x 600 laminate worktop weighs on average about 65-70 KGS and a 4100 x900 laminate worktop weighs approx. 100-110 KGS. Solid wood worktops can be even heavier.

Question:  If my worktop gets marked, dented, chop marks on it etc, what is the best way to repair?

Answer - Laminate worktops cannot easily be repaired but wooden worktops can be sanded and filled etc.